What are Widgets?

Widgets are tiny blocks of specific functionality that can be placed in the  sidebars. Widget provide an easy way to add galleries, quotes, popular posts, Facebook like boxes, and other dynamic items.

Access Widgets

Widgets are found by going to Appearance > Widgets.


Adding Widget to a Sidebar

There are multiple ways to add widgets to sidebars.


Add Using Drag & Drop

The easiest one is to simply drag and drop them to your sidebar.


Add By Clicking on Widget Title

Clicking on a widget’s title will also show a list of available sidebars where it can be added. Select the sidebar where the widget is to be added, and then select Add Widget.


Adding Widgets In Accessibility Mode

To enable accessibility mode, select Screen Options (top right corner of screen) then Enable accessibility mode.

For the desired widget, select Add then select the sidebar where it should appear.


Add Using Live Preview

Go to Appearance > Customize.


Please note that not all widget-ready areas and sidebars will appear in the customizer which is why going Widgets page (Appearance > Widgets) is the preferred method.


Removing Widgets

Go to the Widgets page (Appearance > Widgets). Locate the widget to be removed, and select its title to expand it. Then select Delete.

Deleting a widget will also remove any settings and options associated with the widget.


Making a widget inactive.

To remove a widget without losing the setting, then drag and drop it to the inactive widgets section.

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