Add Images to Posts

Add Image

In the post or page, go to the section in the body where the content is to be added, and select Add Media.


Select Select Files.


Add Image Information

Add information about the media by updating the following fields.

  • Alt Tag – displays when the image cannot be displayed
  • Title for the link
  • Caption – shows under the image



Adjust the Image’s Appearance

Make adjustments to an images appearance by editing the following fields.

  • Alignment – How to the image aligns with the content on the page.
  • Link To – How the image will behave when selected. Full Size Image will open the image in a separate page.
  • Size – Select thumbnail, medium, or full size


These fields can be also be accessed by hoovering over the image in the editing screen and selecting the pencil icon located on the top right of the photo.

Select Insert.



The image will now show on the post.



Please follow the same instructions to add music and video to posts.

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