GoCentral Online Store: Overview

To access the GoCentral Online Store dashboard, login and go to My Products. In the next window, the Overview tab is the default view. Sales and site traffic information can be found here.

Select My Products tab.


Scroll down to Websites, find GoCentral, and select Manage.

The next screen shows desktop and cell phone previews of the site.

At the top of the screen select Edit. Here is where the site is designed and updated.


Select Manage Store at the top of  the page.

The Overview page provide the following options.

  • Website – Update site pages and content.
  • Sales – Locate orders, manage text message notifications, and view abandoned carts
  • Products – Add, edit, and remove products. Select featured products. Define categories.
  • Marketing – Manage email marketing, SEO, and coupons.
  • Subscribers – Manage subscribers.
  • Campaigns – Manage email marketing campaigns.
  • Settings – Manage store, payment, shipping, tax, and email marketing settings.


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