GoCentral Online Store: Add Products

Please review the GoCentral Online Store: Overview article for instructions on how to get to the store management page.

1 – Go to Products > All Products.


2 – Enter a Product name.
3 – Click Add Image, browse to image, and click Open.

Click Add more below main image to add up to 10 images. Click and drag images to rearrange them. The first becomes main image.

Delete an image by hoovering over it and and clicking trash can.

4 – Enter a Price.

A Sale price can be entered now or later. On the store’s Shop page, the sales price displays next to marked-out regular price.

5 – Use the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) field to enter a unique number to track inventory and manage related invoices.

6 – Use Categories menu to assign product to existing product category or create one.

7 – Under Settings select:

  • Taxable product: Default choice that ensures customer is charged their local tax.
  • Active product: This is also a default choice that ensures new products appear in the store. Un-select it to hide products not for sale.

8 – The Description tab has a field to describe product and/or add hyperlinks.

9 – When finished adding a product, click Save or Save and Add Another.

To return to the list of all products, click All Products at the top of the page or use the Products tab to click Products. To see how the page looks to customers, click View Store.

The All Products page also allow for updating product listings, copy a product page to save time building a similar page, or delete product pages that are no longer need.


Please note that Daniel Enterprises is not affiliated with or endorsed by GoDaddy or its trademark owners.

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